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Virtual drawing events, having fun while in lockdown.

Oh dear, you’ve done all this planning and boom Covid hits and you think your plans are down the drain to celebrate your special occasion - Hens Party or Birthday. Cheeky Drawing comes to the rescue with virtual events, so we can do everything remotely and it’s just as much fun! Phew…you say.

So what do you need to make it happen, just a fun bunch of open minded party people and a laptop or mobile phone with Zoom loaded up. Check off the below and then make an enquiry:

  1. Decide on a date and time that everone can make.

  2. You’ll need to all download Zoom.

  3. Send through a list of all attendee emails and addresses and we will send out the drawing packs.

  4. We’ll provide everything else – the model, host and fun playlist!

  5. Choose a costume or theme – such a great way to add an extra touch of wow to your event. We have done a French theme recently and it was really fantastic – La Café MacKenzie Drawing Saloon J

  6. Enquire with us today to discuss your drawing and virtual needs.

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