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Melbourne & Regional Victoria 

When a girl snags a man and is about to be married, she deserves one hell of a party!

Cheeky Drawing comes to the rescue and offers a tasteful fun event that you can incorporate into your day. Think charcoal, champagne, perhaps some dance moves and the essential ingredient, the naked man!

You can add a touch of wow with one of our themed packages or how about making up your own to suit your Bride-to-be. Or what about learning to burlesque dance as well as draw?  We have some highly skilled dance instructors.

Everything will be recorded on camera, even time with the hunky man!

We can take it to your venue of choice - apartment, hotel room, air bnb, home, gallery or winery. We can take it anywhere in Melbourne or Regional Victoria.  Stuck for a venue? Let us know, we have some great suggestions.

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